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Rossendale Council scraps doorstep rubbish collections for some households

The Sunday Telegraph splashes on the extraordinary story that Rossendale Council in Lancashire has ended the collection of rubbish from the doorstep for "hundreds of residents in rural areas." Instead they have to drive or carry their rubbish to "Collection Points" up to a mile away. The council has been Labour led since May although the plans were approved under the Conservatives and seem to have cross party support.

The report also details a further shift to weekly bin collections - Glasgow with 110,000 homes switched this week.

While in terms of abandoning the service altogether none have gone as far as Rossendale. The Sunday Telegraph adds:

Some urban councils, including Manchester, Bristol and Brighton have recently introduced, or started trials of, giant communal bins placed about 100 yards apart in residential roads, replacing individual
households' wheelie bins in an attempt to cut costs.

Residents are so alarmed by the development that a growing number of them are paying private waste firms to collect their rubbish during the weeks when the council refuse lorries do not come. One company is offering private weekly collections in 140 council areas.

Under the 1875 Public Health Act local councils are obliged to collect rubbish but not from the doorstep.

It has been widely reported that there is no prospect of a incentives being introduced for councils to maintain or restore doorstep weekly bin collections. However my understanding is that the DCLG still intend to introduce them.


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