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Labour councillors back restoration of death penalty

The Leicester Mercury reports the welcome news that two Labour councillors have given public backing to the call by the blogger Guido Fawkes for restoration of capital punishment.

Cllr Barbara Potter and Cllr Sundip Meghani, both Labour councillors in Leicester and members of the Leicestershire Police Authority, have made comments that are pretty emphatic.

Cllr Potter says:

"Bring it on. Give these murderers the option of the noose, the electric chair or lethal injection.

"I think the vast majority would back this campaign. People are disgusted and appalled by those who murder vulnerable people such as children, or those who work to try and protect the public, like the police."

Cllr  Meghani says:

"I would have no compunction in using the death penalty on someone who kills multiple times, such as the recent massacre in Norway.

"It's a complicated issue but I'm in favour of capital punishment in some circumstances.

"I think it may be wrong to restrict the death penalty solely to the murderers of children and police, because that gives some lives more value than others. But multiple killers should be eligible for execution."

Their views are shared by most Labour supporters according to the latest polling evidence. The most recently poll I could see (carried out last October by YouGov for Prospect magazine) 68% of Labour voters say it should be applied for murder (either always or depending on the circumstances.) There are 258 Labour MPs - I don't know of one that agrees with them. There are 5,700 Labour councillors - I wonder if any more will speak out in support of the death penalty. Are some privately in support by scared of being deselected by the Guardianistas?

Sensibly Guido's campaign has stressed evidence rather than the emotional demand for retribution. The campaign tweets makes such points as:

Before abolition of hanging, murder rate in 1964 was 6.3 deaths per million population, now 13.5 deaths per million. 

Texas has a lower murder rate than Michigan. Can you guess which state doesn't have the death penalty?

New Hampshire has the lowest murder rate in America. It has the death penalty.

Survey of 30 convicted murderers found 23 saying they would NOT have committed crime if death penalty existed according to BBC's @suttonnick


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