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Will the weekly bin collections be restored?

16009812 The Daily Mail splashed this morning with a report that the Government have "given up the battle to restore weekly bin collections."

The report acknowledges there will be some good news in the waste review. For instance it quotes the review as saying:

"It cannot be right, for example, for an individual to risk receiving a higher fine for not closing a bin lid than that levied on a convicted shoplifter for theft."

The Daily Mail also adds:

There will be new sanctions against rogue families who fill their gardens with refuse. A ‘harm to local amenity’ rule will be worked out so that new civil penalties can be used against the ‘irresponsible minority who litter their neighbourhood.’

However on the key issue of restoring weekly bin collections it suggests that nothing will be offered. If true this would be a great disappointment. It points out that since the election the number of Councils only providing fortnightly collections has actually increased.

Only the other day the Daily Telegraph splashed on a "deal" to restore weekly bin collections. The Government would provide an incentive for them which I welcomed.

Has the plan for incentives been ditched? The Mail report does not explicitly say so. It bemoans the failure of the Government to "force" councils to restore weekly collections. But the test will be whether the weekly collections are generally restored. I think they could be without force but with a combination of incentives from central Government and electoral pressure locally.


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