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Cllr Robert Light: Why I'm standing for Chairman of the LGA Conservative Group

Light_R Cllr Robert Light, the leader of the Conservative Group on Kirklees Council, sets out his stall

For years the LGA has seen Conservatives come together, do their bit as individuals, and return to their Councils without there being any clear LGA Conservative agenda.

This must change. We need to have a clear Conservative programme across all the LGA Boards and areas of policy. It is my intention to ensure the Conservative team develops a policy manifesto that is relevant to Conservative leaders and their groups across the country.

Many fellow leaders rightly complain that the LGA, and for that matter the LGA Conservative Group, bares no relevance to them in their Councils.

This we must change too. The Conservative Group needs to improve communication and support to all Conservative leaders so that we have the national information to be more effective locally.

My local government experience is in the highly politicised environment of West Yorkshire where Kirklees has been in no overall control for 11 years. Understanding how to deliver a Conservative agenda without a majority is a key area of expertise. I believe this experience is what the LGA Conservative Group needs to ensure the organisation radiates more Conservative ideas.

To me this election offers a real opportunity for change, a chance to make the LGA something we all want to be members of. This can only be achieved by having a LGA Conservative Group that has a relevant agenda, an effective leadership and is in tune with Conservative leaders from throughout the country.

I stand not just as one person but as part of a team committed to change and committed to making the LGA deliver for Conservatives in local government. I hope you will support us as a team, and support me for the Group Leadership and help us change the LGA Conservative Group into an effective force.


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