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Street decluttering referendums planned

The Times reports (£) that referendums will be able to take place for neighbourhood development plans which could remove railings and other street clutter. Thre would need to be a minimum of 21 residents drawing up the plans and then the council would have to pay for the referendum and the cost of removng the unwanted items. I suppose it would be a very local matter of a postal ballot over the relevant streets.

The report says:

Grant Shapps, the Local Government Minister, will say today that it’s up to communities to seize the new powers and improve the local environment.

“For years too many streets across the country have been ruined by a tasteless jumble of shop signs, railing and billboards, and the people who live there have been left powerless to clear away this clutter,” Mr Shapps will say. “We want to give power back to local people so they can decide what their neighbourhoods look like.”


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