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Peterborough Lib Dem councillor's offensive tweet

Cllr Darren Fower, a Lib Dem councillor on Peterborough City Council, has tweeted as follows: 

"Replace the word NAZIs - with "Peterborough Tories" + this would be an enjoyable trailer! Click: "

A Conservative councillor in Cambridgeshire, Cllr Martin Curtis, spotted it and has blogged about it. As he says the link is to "a trailer for a rather gruesome Quentin Tarantino film called Inglorious B******s" in which Brad Pitt leads a team of extremely nasty insurgents behind enemy lines in France to torture and murder Nazis."

Cllr Curtis adds:

I am not easily offended - as an example I have watched and enjoyed the above mentioned film - but taking the context and applying it to politicians and friends in Peterborough is not appropriate.  That tweet is, at best, a very poor and very sick joke.

Cllr Fower has deleted the offending comment and has made a mild apology with a confused reference about how he hadn't intended the remark to be public. Of course freedom of speech should extend to be able to make some pretty odious nonsense. There is the constraint of incitement to violence but I doubt anyone would take Cllr Fower's comment sufficiently seriously for that to apply in this case. It is clearly in the "sick joke" territory. But his Twitter account is strongly highlights him being a councillor. His comment shows gross misjudgment. The Lib Dems really should ditch him.


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