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Pensioner told to drag out TV herself - on health and safety grounds

The Daily Mail reports on how Charlotte Cubitt, 85, paid Colchester Borough Council £11 to remove her TV set but they refused to enter her home to take it. On "health and safety grounds" they said she should drag it outside herself - which she wasn't strong enough to do.

The Lib Dem Deputy Council Leader, Cllr Martin Hunt, who also holds the portfolio for street and waste
services, said:

"The council is unable to collect items from inside the property because of possible insurance claims.

"The council considers it the responsibility of the resident or their family to take the item to the agreed collection location."

So another incidence of an inflexible, jobsworth, bureaucratic approach from a local council which goes aganst compassion and common sense. The financial risk to the Council of removing Mrs Cubitt's old TV was so small that their refusal was risk averse to the point of absurdity.

I have covered many similar stories on this blog involving councils under the control of different political parties. I think the difference is that when a Conservative Council is involved the Council leader, or relevant councillor in charge tends to apologise and order that such practice should cease. In the case of Cllr Hunt a staunch defence of this atrocious conduct is mounted.


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