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Incentive planned to restore weekly waste collections

Bad news for rats.

The Daily Telegraph reports pretty emphatically (with a more hesitant follow up in The Guardian this morning) that the Government are going to give an incentive for councils to provide weekly bin collections. At present the financial motive is to switch to fortnightly collections. This is not just because it is a reduced service but also because it is felt that when household face great stockpiles of  rubbish mounting up they will make more effort to limit it by recycling.

The scheme to encourage the restoration of weekly bin collections will cost around £100 million. The Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman and Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles are  working on the details.

16002090 The Telegraph says:

The Defra waste review is expected to back schemes being introduced to reward people who recycle more. Private companies – which can make money from recycling because of the high costs of raw materials – may be encouraged to take a more active role in the system.

A source close to the Defra review said: “Restoring weekly bin collections was something that the Prime Minister has personally said is essential.

''We have now worked out the detail on how this is financially possible. There are other ways to improve recycling rates.”

The report offers the funding for a Council Tax freeze as the model. That would imply a pretty widespread return to weekly collections. Any council was free to put up the  Council Tax - but they would have to do so by more than 2.5% to get any revenue. Those that froze (or cut) the Council Tax got extra money from the Government equivalent to 2.5% of their Council Tax revenue.

The result was that not a single council in England raised Council Tax this year.


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