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Defections give Labour control in Rochdale, Lib Dems hang on in Stockport

Two defections have given Labour overall control of Rochdale. Cllr Peter Davison, has defected to them from the Independent Alliance while Cllr Barbara Todd has defected to them from the Lib Dems. This means Labour now have 31 out of the 60 seats. They had already got up to 29 after gaining seven seats of those up for election last week.

The Conservatives also have a defector from the Independent Alliance, Cllr Pat Flynn. Welcome aboard. The Conservatives gained two seats last week and are now the main opposition to Labour.

There is better news for the Lib Dems on Stockport Council where despite losing overall control last week they will remain in power with the support of the Heald Green ratepayers.

While a seat short of an overall majority, Labour have taken charge in Sefton which was previously Lib Dem led. In Calderdale a Lib Lab pact continues despite the Conservatives making gains.

South Gloucester, where the Conservatives gained a seat, will continue as a Conservative minority administration.


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