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Conservatives take power in St Albans

St Albans District Council has a Conservative administration. In the Council elections on May 5th the Conservatives gained five seats. This was just short of giving them an overall majority but they have managed to form a minority administration.

Congratulations to the new leader Cllr Julian Daly. He attacked the previous Lib Dem administration for banning running in a pancake race.

It is about 20 years since the Council was last run by the Conservatives. We had an overall majority until 1991 but may have carried on as a minority administration for a year or two after that. If anyone can remember that far back perhpas they could leave a comment. It is so long ago that information on the internet is rather limited.

There have been several periods of the Council being hung since then but those results reflected the strength of the Labour Party. In 2002, for instance, there were 15 Labour councillors - there are now just three.


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