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The battle for Woking

Woking Borough Council is currently under no overall control but Conservative-led with 18 conservatives and 17 Lib Dems. A  third of the seats are up for election on May 5. The Council is strong on transparency and innovative on green issues and renewable energy.

The Spectator Coffee House blog highlights how the Conservatives are fighting hard to gain overall control.

It says:

Certainly, CCHQ has paid Woking more than passing attention. Daniel Hannan, the famous local MEP, is often to be found on the stump and, of course, David Cameron opened his defence of Lansley’s NHS reforms in Woking. He also returned on the 14 April to praise the local party and do a meet and greet. Hampshire, Sussex and Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire have all received similar visits from senior Conservatives.


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