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The battle for Medway

Alanj Medway has a Conservative-run unitary authority with all the seats up for election. Deputy Council leader Cllr Alan Jarrett outlines some of the campaign themes

Medway Conservatives have launched their pledges to local residents for the forthcoming local election on 5th May.

We will campaign on our record of Low Council Tax, Better Services and Value for Money as we ask residents to elect us for another term of office to run Medway Unitary Council.

Our record of delivery and financial management is exemplary and we have maintained the lowest Council Tax in Kent, which is £130 less than the average across the county. We’ve protected front line services, kept all our Sure Start centres open, continued the weekly bin collection and even invested an additional £92,000 in new library books (partly funded by halving funding for trade unions).

This compares to Labour councils in the rest of the country who have chosen to make swingeing cuts and closed libraries, swimming pools and Sure Start centres. In Medway, front line services are secure under the Conservatives.

Medway Conservatives will fight a positive campaign on the issues that matter to the residents of Medway.

Our six pledges are:

1. Low Council Tax and Value for Money

  • Council Tax frozen for 2 years and we will retain the lowest Council Tax, which is on average £130 lower than the rest of Kent
  • Car parking charges frozen for past 3 years and we will ensure they remain amongst the lowest in Kent
  • Continue to improve front line services such as care homes, libraries and expand community hubs
  • Ask the Independent Remuneration Panel to reduce councillors’ allowances

2. Delivering Community Safety

In partnership with the police we are committed to:

  • Continuing to tackle anti-social behaviour and alcohol related issues
  • A no nonsense approach to littering, graffiti and fly-tipping
  • Improving neighbourhood policing
  • Cracking down on dog fouling by promoting responsible dog ownership

3. Better Transport

We will:

  • Work towards a Freedom Bus Pass scheme for Medway’s students
  • Maintain the 9 am start time for concessionary bus pass holders
  • Maintain the popular yellow bus scheme
  • Continue to invest in our roads and pavements

4. Choice in Education

We will:

  • Remain committed to Sure Start
  • Protect Medway’s Grammar Schools and support schools wishing to become academies
  • Create a new apprenticeship scheme to support young people in Medway
  • Continue to promote the four Universities in Medway and explore options for a new University Technical College

5. A Cleaner and Greener Environment

We will continue to:

  • Maintain the weekly bin collection
  • Increase recycling rates and improve the street scene
  • Protect our green spaces including Capstone Valley and Rochester airport
  • Fight any proposal for an airport in the Thames Estuary or at Cliffe on the Hoo Peninsula

6. A Brighter Future

We are committed to:

  • Free Swimming for the under 11s and over 60s and we will expand sporting opportunities for all
  • Continue to attract investment into the areas and work with businesses to create jobs and opportunities
  • Medway receiving the recognition it deserves as a modern city with strong historic roots
  • Maintaining a strong calendar of annual free events and festivals


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