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The battle for Cheshire East

Cheshire East is a new unitary authority with all the seats up for election on May 5th. At present there is a substantial Conservative majority. There are 59 Conservatives, there are 12 Lib Dems and six Labour councillors.

Cllr Brian Silvester, for the Conservatives took part of a recent BBC local radio debate   (which starts two hours in.)

This is the summary of the Conservative message:

Conservative Candidates at the forthcoming Cheshire East Council election stand for sound financial management and an affordable level of Council Tax; honest, fair & professional representation of all resident's opinions and making sure that everyone gets the absolute best level of services from our local authority. Conservatives work as a team; listening, taking action and getting things done.

Priorities for a Conservative Cheshire East are to keep the Council Tax down, maintaining services, running the Council efficiently, to cut out 'back office' red tape, to retain and maintain our open spaces, to champion the needs of all residents young and old, to make sure our community becomes cleaner, greener & safer and to continue with the major investment plans already under way and to see them through to fruition. Don't forget that a Conservative Cheshire East has kept your Council Tax down, no increase this year and will keep it affordable over the next four years and is also spending an extra £2 million to repair potholes after damage caused by the worst winter for 30 years.

Conservatives standing on 5th May are a mixture of tried and tested experienced Councillors as well as keen and energetic people from all backgrounds who are new to local politics. They all share common traits of wanting the best for their Ward and residents at the same time as helping to build a more prosperous, pleasant and high achieving  wider Cheshire East community for us all. A vote for a Conservative Candidate on 5th May is a vote for an affordable Council Tax, sound financial management, maintaining good front line services and a cleaner, greener safer Cheshire East.


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