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The battle for Calderdale

Mark Andrew, Halifax Conservatives webmaster, reports

Calderdale is run by the LD/Lab group who took control last May. There are at present 19 Conservatives, 15 LDs, 10 Lab, 4 Independents, 1 BNP, 1 Ind Lib, 1 Ind LD

All three main parties are contesting the 17 wards, a third of members to be elected. The Yorkshire Post show us as a Tory Target.

BNP have 6 Candidates, all but one in Halifax Constituency.

Greens have 5 Candidates, 4 in Calder Valley Constituency and there are 7 Independents, including a former Conservative who was not re-selected, and an Ind Lib - a former LD standing in a different ward where we hold one of the seats.

Up for re-election are 5 Conservatives, 3 LD s, 4 Lab and the sitting Ind Lib. One new Con. Candidate has replaced Craig Whittaker MP in Rastrick, and a new LD Candidate in Warley.

The key wards are Todmorden, Warley, Skircoat where the LDs hold the seats, Illingworth & Mixenden, held by a leading Lab Cabinet member, and Elland, where the Ind ex LD is not standing and former Tory Group Leader John Ford is our Candidate.

Cllr Stephen Baines, Con Group Leader points out that the LD/Lab Cabinet have increased charges in their recent budget, 33% Care for the Elderly, 25% Leisure services, 20% Parking and have cut Library funding by £1/4 million. He led a West Yorkshire campaign to show the high cost to Council Tax payers of Trades Union activity in local government..


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