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Rod Liddle's challenge to Conservative councils with non-jobs

In current issue of  The Spectator (£) Rod Liddle challenges Conservative councils for embracing political correctness and paying staff to do "non-jobs." That even notionally Conservative drift along with Socialist ideology.

He offers the following examples:

Havant District Council (Conservative-controlled)  Workplace travel co-ordinator (£22,000+)

Herefordshire County Council (Conservative-controlled) Gypsy Romany liaison officer (£26,700+)

Rugby District Council (Conservative-controlled) — Family Lifestyles officer (what that? –Ed) (£21,500)

West Sussex Council (Conservative-controlled) — Woodfuel development officer (£35,430!!!!)

Forest of Dean District Council (Conservative-controlled) — Healthy Walks co-ordinator (£15,400)

Ryedale District Council (Conservative-controlled, no Labour councillors at all) — Life Skills and Positive Activities officer (£21,000+)

Teignbridge District Council (Conservative-Lib Dem coalition) — Active Village co-ordinator (£10,000)

I hold no brief for Rod Liddle. He is a Labour supporter who used to work for the BBC. His opposition to political correctness thus has dubious credentials and, such as it is, seems to be motivated by a general belief in being rude and offensive.

Yet in this instance he has struck a nerve. I am emailing the relevant Conservative council leaders to invite their response. 


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