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Free schools planned for Lambeth, Grimsby, Enfield, Boston, Sheffield....

Some free schools get more attention than others. The one opening in my ward this September, the West London Free School, founded by Toby Young has already attracted a lot of attention. I suspect that Katherine Birbalsingh's Michaela Community School in Lambeth is sure to be one of the high profile ones. I very much hope and believe it will succeed. She has already written a powerful piece (£) for The Sunday Times about it.

But running alongside is the quiet revolution. Not all the proposals will come to fruition. Not all of those that come to fruition will succeed Most that do will make the local papers rather than the national press. Yet there is suffiecient evidence already to show that the state monopoly, which prviously on the rich could escape,  is crumbling for the rest.

In Grimsby a free school is planned for the Nunsthorpe Estate. Nicky Keller believes that the existing secondary schools do not allow children "to reach their full potential." She has "moral support" from Cllr Tony McCabe of Lib Dem-run North East Lincolnshire. As I write 523 parents have signed up.

In London a charity called the Constable Education Trust is offering a free school for Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Kensington or Tower Hamlets.

In Enfield a thrid free school is proposed with local Conservatives shoeing tremendous leadership.

In Boston the Phoenos Foundation, which already runs two schools has plans for a free school.

In Sheffield a school catering for children with cerebal palsy believes switching to free school status would reduce delay and bureaucracy in placing children with them.

In Southwark, as well as the London Bridge Free School, a primary school, there are proposals from the Compass Schools Trust for a secondary school.






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