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Boris Johnson appoints new Deputy Mayor

By Matthew Barrett Bigpic

Earlier today, Harry asked "How will Boris cope without Sir Simon Milton?", and wrote about the efficient and settled team that Boris has assembled at City Hall. 

Joining that team, as Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Planning, is Edward Lister. From the Mayor's Office press release:

  • Councillor Lister has been the Leader of Wandsworth Council since 1992
  • He has represented the Thamesfield ward since 1976
  • Under his leadership of the council, Wandsworth has achieved four star Audit Commission ratings for excellence, whilst keeping the borough's council tax bills the country's lowest
  • Councillor Lister is also a noted quality of life campaigner, forming the alliance of south west London residents that was successful in defeating plans to expand Heathrow
  • He is also a planning and environmental expert
  • Councillor Lister has previously operated within the current City Hall set-up, having been a member of the Forensic Audit Team appointed by the Mayor after his 2008 election to help prepare London's budget
  • His wide experience in London local government also means Councillor Lister can direct relations between City Hall and the boroughs with considerable authority

The Mayor said:

“Edward has the perfect combination of experience, character and expertise to help me lead this city out of recession and harness the unique opportunity of the 2012 Games to secure London for another generation as the best big city in the world.

“We will always mourn the loss of Simon Milton. The greatest tribute we can pay him is to deliver in the areas that mattered so much to him and improve the lives of Londoners in the great city that he loved. Edward Lister shares that goal.”

Edward Lister said:

“I'm delighted to be joining Boris Johnson to take forward his ambitious vision for this great city. My focus in Wandsworth has always been on improving the quality of life of our residents. I now relish the opportunity to do that on a London-wide basis.”


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