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Ribble Valley avoids cutting services by preparing in advance

Another Conservative council that is avoiding cutting front line services is Ribble Valley.

Their Council leader, Cllr Michael Ranson, says:

"Like all other local authorities, Ribble Valley Borough Council has seen a large reduction in financial support from the government, but this reduction was inevitable and we have been preparing for it for
some time.

"We have therefore been able to recommend a budget to full council that proposes a council tax freeze, with no reductions in services to residents and no compulsory redundancies, while maintaining our support for charitable and voluntary organisations.

"This is down to strong financial discipline, prudent management and a committed and dedicated workforce.

"The council has never relied on government handouts to fund services and we know times ahead will be tough, but this budget continues the work started earlier this year to transform the way the council
delivers services to Ribble Valley residents."


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