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Nottingham still recruiting on fat cat salaries

Cllr Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Labour-run Nottingham City Council, was interviewed on Radio 4 Today programme whining about the supposed severity of his council's funding settlement and assuring listeners how they had already "cut to the bone."

He would have more credibility if Nottingham was not among the tiny number of councils in England still refusing to open their books and publish procurement spending over £500. They are last ditch transparency deniers.

But some of the jobs they are advertising at the moment are in the public domain. There is Corporate Director - Communites - salary £120,000 to £144,000. There is Director of Information & Technology, £89,017. There is Head of Development Management, £57,288 - £66,762. There is also a Corporate Director - Development £120,000-£144,000.

Is it really essential to have a Corporate Director - Development, as well as a Head of Development?

Cutting to the bone, Cllr Chapman?


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