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Nottingham City Council holds out against spending transparency

Charlton Heston said they could only prise his gun from his "cold, dead hands." The attitude of Labour-run Nottingham City Council on allowing residents to know how their money is spent is not quite as hawkish. But they are deliberately flouting the requirement.

As mentioned yesterday the great majority of the 353 councils have complied. The DCLG website lists 299 and given that there is a time lag before the DCLG gets them included on their list we probably have nearly  90% of councils who have now done it. Most of the rest are  probably working on it and dealing with the odd technical glitch. I suspect that Nottingham will be one of the few to be openly defiant.

The good news is that the DCLG believe that existing legislation can be used for enforcement rather than new laws being required.


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