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Leeds City Council spends £460,000 a month on taxis

Leeds City Council (Labour-run with support from a couple of Green Party councillors) is spending nearly half a million pounds a month on taxis.

 Cllr Alan Lamb, Shadow Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said:

“Many other councils opened their books months ago and I’m delighted that Leeds has belatedly followed suit. The council needs to do much more to make the information accessible and easy to understand but this is a good start. It is no wonder the Labour led administration running Leeds has been so reluctant to let taxpayers see what they’ve been spending our money on when we can now see that in only one month in December they spent £461,674.55 on private hire taxis, £927,217.48 on office furniture & equipment and a further £331,234.45 on food and drink. While I have no doubt that some of this spending will have been necessary, the administration running our city now need to explain exactly where this money has gone.”

“We have heard a lot of talk from council leaders about how they have to find £90 million next year but what they fail to tell people is that more than half of this is because of their overspending this year. They say they have to close leisure centres and libraries, day centres and crèches and that they can’t afford to repair roads and footpaths. Many taxpayers will look at what they have been spending their money on and ask if they’ve got their priorities right?”


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