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Five Lib Dem councillors have resigned from party in last 24 hours

Tim Montgomerie

The BBC's Peter Henley reported yesterday that three Lib Dem councillors in Chris Huhne's backyard have become independents:

"Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is facing a revolt among Liberal Democrats in his constituency. Three councillors on the Lib Dem controlled Eastleigh Borough Council have decided to leave the party to become Independents, saying they're disillusioned with the local and national party. Councillor Andy Moore had been dropped from the list of Lib Dem candidates standing for re-election in May. Two other candidates, Glynn Davies-Dear and David Broughton, have decided to join him in leaving the party.""

News reaches ConHome overnight that two Lib Dem councillors have resigned from Winchester Council, threatening the party's wafer thin majority.

There are always local factors that add layers of complexity to these kinds of resignations but it will be worrying for Nick Clegg if he starts seeing many more of these defections.


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