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Faster evictions proposed for "neighbours from Hell"

Excellent news of plans to make it easier to evict tenants involved in anti-social behaviour. I have lost count of the number of times I have been out canvassing and been told of how one person or one family in a street or block of flats ruins life for everyone else. It equates to the similarly familiar scenario of a disruptive child in a classroom stopping anyone else learning anything. In both cases there is disbelief at the delay and feebleness in doing anything about it.

The approach from councils to their tenants should be one of zero tolerance of anti social behaviour. those who break their tenancy agreements should lose their homes. There is no shortage of people on the waiting lists. The bad apples should be placed in a hostel with a security guard (or two) on the door. Yet the housing establishment. They favour mediation rather than enforcement. Their approach is based on the principles: "No one is an offender. No one is a victim"

Housing Minister Grant Shapps says plans to speed up the court process and remove "unnecessary obstacles" especially where "those on the receiving end of anti-social
behaviour are in danger of serious harm".

He says:

"For too long, too many social tenants have lived in fear of neighbours from hell, whose nasty and vicious behaviour blights their neighbourhoods.

"Victims and witnesses often have to continue living side by side with the perpetrators while action to evict them drags on for many months and sometimes years.

"I want landlords to use the full range of powers at their disposal to tackle this menace head-on so that the disruptive minority of social tenants don't make everyone else's lives a misery."


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