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Mid Sussex District Council cut allowances by 5%

Conservative run Mid Sussex District Council have to save £1 million next year due to a cut of 16.8% in their Government grant. But rather than bleating about it being "inevitable" that the savings will be ound by cutting services they are taking a responsible approach.

First they saved £162,000 on senior management salaries.

Then at a Full Council on Wednesday 15 December, as the BBC reports, councillors agreed to reduce the allowances they are paid by 5%. Councillors also elected to reduce the payments made to Committee Chairman and remove all payments to Vice-chairman of committees. Overall this will save £32,500 a year.

Council leader Cllr Garry Wall says:

"The Council has just agreed a significant reduction in the salary of the Chief Executive and the deletion of the Deputy Chief Executive post. Now, Councillors have agreed to reduce their own allowances. This shows how seriously we are taking the need to reduce costs as part of the overall package needed to protect the priority services we deliver to our residents."

Good for him.


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