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Boris freezes his share of council tax bills for the third year running

By Jonathan Isaby

London Mayor Boris Johnson announced today that he is freezing the Greater London Authority "precept" for London council tax payers for next year - the third successive year that he has done so.

The Evening Standard records what he told the London Assembly this morning:

“With the new coalition government's drive to reduce the country's budget deficit and everyone feeling the squeeze, it is essential that as the guardian of this great city, I do all I can to protect the families and people of London from too heavy a tax burden.

“I am committed to delivering more bang for a buck whilst still maintaining frontline services, delivering vital transport improvements and providing opportunities for young Londoners.”

The move has partly been made possible by the Government having awarded the GLA £23.3 million in return for the Mayor's prudent financial management of City Hall funds.

Lest we forget, when Ken Livingstone was Mayor he increased the precept every year he was in office.


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