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Tory elected mayor of Torbay may seek re-election as an Independent next year after failing to be readopted

By Jonathan Isaby

The Herald Express newspaper in South Devon reports today that Nick Bye, the elected mayor of Torbay, has failed to be reselected as Conservative candidate for the post ahead of next May's elections.

The paper reports him as saying after Tuesday's adoption meeting:

"It was entirely personal. I made a 25-minute pitch on all that has been achieved in the past few years and the hopes in the years to come saying now was not the time to risk that momentum. Those that spoke said 'we do not like you and the majority of people do not like you. We do not like you and we don't think anybody else does'. But I have tried to do what is right for Torbay."

Suggesting that he might yet stand as an Independent, he added:

"It is not all over until May 5, 2011. The next mayor of Torbay will be decided by the people of Torbay."

Full story here.


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