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Pendle curbs fat cats

Conservative-led Pendle Council is reducing the pay of its directors. Its Restructuring Committee has met to review the organisational structure of the Council and reduce the cost of the overall wages bill.

At the first meeting it made decisions about the Directorate. This consists of the Chief Executive Stephen Barnes and the two Directors, Philip Mousdale and Brian Cookson.

Decisions taken will mean the overall pay costs of the Directorate will reduce by 27% or £120,000.

These will be achieved by a combination of pay reductions and flexible, part time working arrangements.

These decisions are subject to formal approval of the full Council on 9 December.

The Leader of Pendle Council, Councillor Mike Blomeley says:

“Now is the right time to review the structure of the Council and our costs.

“Our first discussions rightly focused on the top jobs in the organisation and I am pleased to announce £120,000 (27%) saving in those costs.

“These decisions were unanimous across the political parties.

“I am pleased Stephen Barnes will remain as Chief Executive to manage the Council through these difficult times."

The Restructuring Committee will have a series of meetings throughout November to discuss a new organisational structure for Pendle Council.


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