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Socialists for Boris

Jonathan has already mentioned a good poll this week. It shows Boris nine points ahead of Ken Livingstone in the the race for the Mayor of London election. But what I found most interesting was the detail showing the number who would be Labour supporters in a General Electon but who would vote for Boris. Boris is getting 18% of those identified as Labour voters (Livingstone 67%.)

The Americans are used to this sort of thing. We had Democrats for Reagans, Republicans for Obama, etc. Now we have Socialists for Boris. One way that Boris probably helps the process is making an inclusive Big Tent at City Hall. For Livingstone it was a Socialist Action clique.

It is not about Boris compromising policy but about working with non-Conservatives to help with particular policies where the agree with him.

The 200 achievements of Boris I put up on Saturday offers some examples. Kate Hoey boosting competitive sport,  Rosie Boycott with the Edible Estates programme to allow people to grow vegetables on derelect land, Annie Lennox tackling undiagnosed HIV.


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