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Katherine Birbalsingh's conference speech


This was the speech, at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham last week, that led to Katherine Birbalsingh being suspended as Deputy Head of St Michael and All Angels Church of England Academy in Camberwell, south London. It was felt she had brought the school into disrepute - even though she had obtained permission to form the school to give the speech.

She is clearly a good teacher. When has this school, or any other state school, suspended a teacher for being a bad teacher? In the private sector if you were a salesman for a widgets firm you would have the pressure of your boss potentially saying: "Fred, I'm afraid you just haven't sold enough widgets. We are going to have to let you go."

Why are teachers never ditched for not being any good as teachers?

What really brings this school into disrepute? If you were a Camberwell parent considering whether to send your child there would it be the knowledge that Katherine was the Deputy Head? Or that she was suspended and undermined?


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