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Buckinghamshire heterosexuality quiz? "Never again," says Council leader

Some good news for Mark Wallace.

Last month he wrote on this site about Buckinghamshire County Council sending their staff off on training courses to have their heterosexuality challenged.

Mark said that he hoped the Council leader:

..will go public on this issue - not to defend such a waste of time and money, but to announce it is being scrapped.

He has. The council leader Cllr David Shakespeare emailed me to say:

I obtained a copy of the questionnaire following the interest shown in it and the questions were simply outrageous. No staff should have ever been asked the insulting and daft questions and won't be in the future.

It is no defence to be told that the Council was complying with the Equality and Diversity legislation passed by the last Government. Legislation does not require these programmes. They are simply wrong and will not be repeated in Buckinghamshire.

By the way I should add that David responded straight away - but there was a delay before I got the email due to some technical glitch.

How refreshing that a council leader takes robust action to stop this sort of nonsense rather than seeking to defend the indefensible.


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