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Where does Red Ken stand on the tube strikes?

With all the TUC sabre rattling about political strikes against the Government one area I expect there will be further strikes is on the London Underground. This will surely be an issue in the 2012 election for Mayor of London. I suppose if Ken Livingstone becomes the Labour candidate he will eventually come under some pressure from media as to whether he backs the strikers or Londoners trying to get to work. 

The strikes last week were from the TSSA union as well as the RMT and Livingstone was very quiet about the disruption Londoners suffered.

Andrew Gilligan has notedthat his campaign HQ is out of the TSSA building.

Over the summer Livingstone stated that he will work with the unions to defend against Government cuts. His policy against the cuts would be to take legal action to prevent them. He failed in his legal action to prevent the PPP, which ended simply costing Londoners more in untold legal fees.

Livingstone told the Politics Show on July 11th:

I am not running on basis of making cuts. I will work with trade unions to defend services. I will fight those as I fought Thatcher. I will represent Londoners not the government.


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