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Eric leads from the front in economy drive

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has revealed new austerity actions, in the form of a series of simple measures, his department is taking to cut waste and bring spending down. These cost saving measures are on top of identified £500m savings across the CLG and local government budgets for 2010-11.
The money saving ideas, submitted by staff, include:

  • New rules to ensure staff always use public transport and standard class on trains;
  • The end to refreshments for internal staff meetings and any meeting under four hours;
  • Cancellation of non essential newspaper and magazine subscriptions;
  • A reduction in staff blackberries and mobile phones;
  • Cutting down on first-class post;
  • Closing down a number of lifts during quiet periods;
  • Cutting the number of printers and photocopiers to one per floor;
  • Plans to close the building overnight and at weekends;
  • Trial turning heating down to save energy and expense

Eric Pickles says:

“I can’t expect councils to cut waste if we don’t get our own house in order. Today I’m implementing the best austerity ideas from my staff from cutting catering, to only using second-class stamps to
double-sided printing to show there is a thriftier and smarter way to use taxpayers’ money in the future. The whole country has to play its part as we cut a mountain of inherited debt."


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