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Livingstone campaign funded by unions and Socialist Action crony

Donationsto Ken Livingstone campaign for Mayor of London have been published. He has been paid £5,000 by ASLEF, £10,000 from Unite and another £10,000 from Unite London and Eastern Region.

He has also had a non-cash donation of £3,083.56 and a cash donation of £1,916.44 from Mark Watts.

Watts was a member of the clique from the Trotskyist group Socialist Action who used to run City Hall when Livingstone was Mayor. He can certainly afford to chip in. He was among eight advisors who secured £1.6 million in payoffs after Livingstone lost the election - courtesy of the Council Taxpayers of London. usually political advisors are expected to take their chances but they managed to secure highly favourable employment contracts.


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