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Councils should "do absolutely nothing" on climate change says Lawson

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Lawson has called on local councils to "do absolutely nothing" in terms of work on climate change. At the LGA annual Conference last month he said:

"For now, energy is carbon based because it is cheaper than anything else and it makes no sense to decarbonise unless everybody is doing it; it's lunacy to go it alone when China is building a new coal power station every week," he said, speaking at the LGA annual conference.

"It would cost the British economy £50bn a year up to 2050 to meet the requirements of the UK Climate Change Act. Local authorities should do absolutely nothing to tackle climate change. Your money could be put to far greater use."

He added that far more extreme temperature changes had taken place in Medieval and Roman times and that sea levels were no longer rising rapidly:

"There has certainly been skulduggery with the science; it's totally one-sided – ignoring the benefits of global warming and exaggerating the downsides. Climate change is like a new religion and there are some people who see it as a way to undermine capitalism."

Lord Lawson, Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, also urged Councils to block planning permits for "awful wind farms."


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