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Councils hike parking charges

Screen shot 2010-08-15 at 08.17.48 The Sunday Telegraph reports that several councils have resorted to increasing parking charges in response to tightening budgets.

The paper say their investigation indicates at least 150 councils are looking at new parking changes.

Among their examples:

Milton Keynes, where the council is preparing to charge for 5,000 spaces that are currently free – bringing in an extra £2.2 million a year.

Brent, in north-west London, where the council agreed on Wednesday to increase residents' permit charges and introduce an emission-based charging regime that will raise an extra £1.1 million.

Babergh, in Suffolk, and Broxtowe, in Nottinghamshire, where parking charges will be introduced for the first time.

Blackpool, where, in April, prices in three car parks more than trebled to £7.50 for a four to 12-hour ticket, up from £2.20. At one of the town's long-stay car parks, minimum rates increased from 50p for up to one hour, to £2.30 for up to two hours.

Northampton, where the cost of joining the residents' parking scheme rose sevenfold, from £50 to £350.

In North Somerset, Dartford in Kent, Doncaster in South Yorkshire, Rushmoor in Hampshire, Bexley in London, and in the Scottish Borders, some tariffs have been doubled.

My own instinct that general parking charges are usually unreasonably high already. I'm thinking of the annual cost of a permit to be able to park near your home. But I don't see why councils provide free or subsidised parking in car parks - or own car parks at all come to that. However they should allow more space to be allocated for private car parks.


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