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Should councillors' allowances be set before local elections and for the duration of their tenure so as to avoid any more Barnets?

By Jonathan Isaby

Richard Balfe We have noted this week here in the Local Government section and with this video the outrage expressed at the move by all but one of the Conservative councillors in Barnet to vote themselves through inflation-busting increases in their allowances. This comes just a couple of months after the four-yearly elections in the London Borough, with the next chance for voters to make their feelings felt about their councillors not due until May 2014.

It was in the comments below the video that former MEP Richard Balfe (pictured) made the following simple suggestion:

"Maybe we should adopt the system used in Washington where any increase in pay or allowances has to be voted by an outgoing Congress so the voters know before the election what the financial arrangements are".

What do readers think?


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