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Do so many inspections really need to be annual?

There is lots of dross on the Your Freedom website. But there also some gems.

What about this one from Nurd444?

Lots of regulations (concerning uptodateness, best practice, safety) mean well but come with a requirement to be 'updated' every year - typically an inspection by a tradesperson, a council officer or some other activity.

For many of these regulations making an 'annual' checks is over the top - and a luxury for a struggling economy. We ought to reduce the frequency of many of these checks and cut back on the costs and staffing.

That is brilliantly simple. Sure lots of regulations could be scrapped altogether. But what of the ones which should be retained but which currently specify "annual" inspection/ assessment/ report/ review? How much thought did the bureaucrats really give to whether it needed to be annual? Probably some do. But how many could be two year,  five year, eighteen months. This change could save billions - not least in our Town Halls.

Nurd444 deserves a peerage.


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