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"Council race spies rummage through your bin"

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 13 Today's Daily Mail splashes on a story that relates to an unnerving intrusion into our lives licensed by the last Labour Government:

"Councils are secretly rifling through thousands of dustbins to find out about families' race and wealth. Waste audits allow officials and private contractors to check supermarket labels, types of unwanted food  -  and even examine the contents of discarded mail.

"The local authorities are using social profiling techniques to match different types of rubbish to different ethnic groups or wealthy and poor households, as part of a recycling drive initiated by the last Government. Householders can then be placed into social categories, which in some areas range from 'wealthy achievers' to the 'hard-pressed' - and subsequently targeted for future leafleting campaigns."

At least 90 councils have reportedly been found to have been doing this - claiming it was in line with guidance from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

I hope that new Defra Secretary Caroline Spelman will revoke such guidance.

Read the full Daily Mail piece here.


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