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"Cuts? What Cuts?" asks Sunday Times

The Sunday Times points out that despite the change of Government local councils are still advertising highly paid non-jobs. Among those highlighted:

  • Derby with a post of ambassador to its twin town of Osnabrück, in Germany.
  • Brighton and Hove city council is recruiting four new “strategic directors” on £125,000 each. Their job will be to “look outwards”.
  • Suffolk's  new head of communications on £182,000 a year.
  • An “internal communications change consultant” willing to work for £380-£400 a day in Sheffield.
  • A “putting people first programme manager” at Herefordshire council, on £50,206-£54,412 a year.
  • Elmbridge borough council in Surrey has recently been seeking a health, safety and wellbeing adviser for a salary of up to £34,524. What does "wellbeing" mean?: “We are not really sure yet as we have only just added that to the role. We’ll want someone to make sure that staff
    take breaks, go for walks — that kind of stuff."
  •  “Community Development Co-ordinator” in east London. £42,000 a year.
  • Medway council £36,313 post for a “European projects and tourism officer.”
  • Newham council £36,306  “media officer.” 
  • “Totem pole artist” to work on a temporary art installation in Liverpool.
  • Clackmannanshire an artist and a carver to create a 12ft totem pole.
  • Oxford City Council post for a “city events and international links officer”, with a salary of £28,646.


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