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Arts censorship in Newham

What happens in a borough where the theatres are heavily depended on local council subsidy and there is an attempt to put on a play critical of the local council? Censorship.

Mike Law's blog reports on a mess Newham Council has got itself into. They held a prize which was won by playwright Clive Power for his play Hollow my Leader, about a fictional east London borough.

Sample dialogue:

CHRIS: "No, I was talking about your anti-poverty strategy. Your own personal one. Paying yourself a Leader’s allowance of seventy-odd grand a year. And expenses. And large allowances to your leading councillors as well; what effect do you think these payments may have on keeping any opposition in your own party quiet?"

After some clumsy attempts to prevent any performances taking place it as now been allowed to go ahead at the Stratford Circus - provided the theatre doesn't publicise the performance.

Here are the details.


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