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The battle for Worcester

Worcester Council has a minority Conservative administration. A third of the seats are up for election on Thursday.

With regard to the General Election, the Worcester constituency is the Conservatives 59th target seat. The sitting Labour MP Michael Foster brought in a private members bill which was followed by the Government criminalising hunting. He says he supports more police keeping the streets safe. Perhaps it would help if the West Mercia Police weren't obliged to waste thousands of hours of police time at hunt meetings because of the appalling legislation he pioneered. Perhaps Labour councillors would do better if they didn't spend their time advocating twinning with Gaza.

Of the 15 relevant wards for the Worceseter constituency, when last contested, eight went to the Conservatives, two to Independents, one to Lib Dems and four to Labour. So a promising basis for our candidate Robin Walker who has got broad support including a former labour councillor who has signed his nomination paper.


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