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Preston Lib Dem councillor resigns "to spend more time with his girlfriend"

Liam Pennington was elected on May 6 as a Lib Dem councillor on Preston. But he has resigned to "spend more time with his girlfriend." A by-election will be held in Riversway Ward - at a cost of £5,000.

Of course the comment may reflect some unforeseen personal difficulty. He would also hardly be the first councillor to find they have made a mistake and that they are not suited to such a role.

What is the right thing for such people to do? I think resigning and causing a by-election is inconsiderate given the expense and distraction it imposes on others - as well as embarrassment to Party colleagues. But continuing in office for a full term is also pretty unsatisfactory. I think the best thing is to carry on as best they can (perhaps just going to the statutory minimum number of meetings and not claiming any allowances) until other elections are being held anyway a year or two later (Council elections or Euro elections.) Under those circumstances causing a by-election is not nearly so burdensome on the Council Taxpayer.


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