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Hackney Council tells voters: "There is no Conservative candidate."

First we had the outrageous decision from Hackney Council that they would not print the election address from Conservative candidate for Mayor of Hackney, Andrew Boff, in their booklet sent out to voters.

Now they have compounded their offence. When puzzled voters rang up to query this omission they were told, quite falsely, that there was no Conservative candidate. Andrew rang up himself anonymously to check and recorded the conversation.

Listen to it via this site.

Andrew says:

“The council call centre staff member went to talk to the election office staff to get advice and at the end confirmed that there I am not standing.

“Not happy with banning my election address for mentioning how much the Mayor and Cabinet are paid, the resources of the Council are now being used to peddle mis-truths, telling people that they can’t vote for me.”


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