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The battle for Bradford

Groupmanifestolaunch2010-0072 Bradford Council has a minority Conservative administration. A third of the seats are up for election on May 6. The Conservatives proposed a Council Tax freeze but had to agree a 0.9% increase as Labour and Lib Dem were demanding bigger rises. This is a very clear dividing line between the parties and shows how becoming a majority administration would make a tangible difference. Although this is not the only issue as their campaign launch makes clear.

So far s the General Election is concerned Bradford covers Shipley, already a Conservative seat with the excellent Philip Davies. Bradford South and Bradford East are Labour seats reckoned a bit beyond range. But the other two seats are Labour held but eminently winnable. Keighley is our 92nd target, Bradford West is our 60th target.

In Keighley the last time the relevant six wards were contested there were five that went Conservatives - one Labour. Our candidate for this seat is the Council leader Kris Hopkins. Good luck to him.

For Bradford West the six relevant wards produced four Conservative victories with two for Labour. So while it looks easier that Keighley on the swingometer it looks tougher on the basis off Council results. Anyway good luck to our candidate Zahid Iqbal.


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