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Lib Dem snouts in the trough in Oadby and Wigston

At a meeting of the Oadby and Wigston Borough Council on Tuesday night the Liberal Democrat ruling party voted to give themselves a massive increase in their allowances for the forthcoming year.

Councillor Colin Gore, Leader of the Conservative Opposition Group, slammed the move as an insult to residents. He said:

 ‘At a time of economic difficulty and when we are facing a very uncertain future to award ourselves a 3.7% increase is just plain wrong. Many people in work, those retired and on fixed incomes are receiving increases much less than this and some no increase at all. Last year the majority of Council staff were awarded a 1% pay increase and I question what sort of example this unjustified increase gives them.’

‘With power comes responsibility. The fact that we have the authority to approve such an increase doesn’t mean that we should do so.’

In voting against the increase the Conservative Councillors confirmed that they will continue to claim allowances at the current level until a new Council is elected in May 2011.


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