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Question Time for Boris

There was a session of Mayor's Question Time at City Hall last week. Often the Conservative London Assembly Members ask critical questions but Andrew Boff was in supportive mode. This allowed Boris Johnson to make the point that Labour Assembly Members failed to hold the previous Mayor Ken Livingstone to account.

Andrew Boff: I'm very conscious that the previous Mayor's had promised that 13,500 affordable homes a year were going to be delivered but he never hit that target. He promised that 50% of housing development would be affordable but only ever delivered 34%. He promised that 70% of affordable homes would be for social rent but he only ever delivered 55%.
Boris Johnson: Do you mean these people didn't bring this up with him? That's unbelievable. Surely, they didn't sit here like puddings for eight years and allow him to get away with it?
Andrew Boff: While they were the masters of promises. You are the master of delivery.
Boris Johnson: I am so shocked and dumbfounded by the news of the flagrant breach of promise of the previous Mayor and indeed the absolutely spineless, supine, protoplasmic, anaemic invertebrate failure to hold him to account of the London Assembly Labour Members that I find myself unable to comment on your brilliant question except to say how much I agree.

Tony Arbour scored a hit on the London Living Wage - which the Lib Dems supposedly support. He highlighted an advertisement in London for "a brilliant communicator" who "wants to build a better society." The pay was £6.50 an hour. The London Living Wage is £7.60 an hour.

Boris responded:

The Lib Dem policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it. This is just the way they are. They are a great big quivering,glutinousus mass of contradictions. That is their function. They are a great big Janus-faced....J there was a J on that.



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