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What do BNP councillors believe?

The neo-Nazi allegiances of the British National Party leadership have been well established. There will sometimes be indignant denials but the evidence is extensive enough. But what of the BNP's councillors?There are 56 in total. They have 12 in Barking and Dagenham, eight in Stoke, four each in Burnley and Epping, two each in Bradford, Sandwell, Pendle, Amber Valley and North West Leicestershire. They also have a single councillor in Nuneaton, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Charnwood, Three Rivers, Herefordshire, Thurrock, Havering, Redbridge, Redditch, Solihull, Sevenoaks, Staffordshire Moorlands, Kirklees, Leeds, Rotherham and Calderdale.

I emailed them the following questions:

1.  Mark Collett, BNP publicity director and Sheffield BNP election candidate, has said:  “Churchill was a f****** c*** who led us into a pointless war with other whites standing up for their race.”  Do you agree with Mr Collett?

2. Mark Collett has also said: “The Royals have betrayed their people. When we're in power they'll be wiped out and we'll get some Germans to rule properly.”  This month the Green Arrow, a BNP supporting blog, said of Her Majesty The Queen: “[She is a] liar and a traitor to her people." The BNP declined to officially disown the remark. What is your view of the monarchy? Do you agree with the sentiments of Mr Collett and Green Arrow?

3. In November 2009  the BNP leader Nick Griffin told an audience of Spanish fascists that if he was in power he would be prepared to negotiate over the sovereignty of Gibraltar.  He said: "I would prefer to see a Spanish flag fly in Gibraltar before an Islamic one. It would be much easier to sort it out if we had nationalist governments in Britain and Spain because it would then be an agreement between equals.” Do you agree with negotiating over the sovereignty of Gibraltar?

4. Jobbik are a Hungarian neo-fascist party. The Hungarian Guard, Jobbik’s black-shirted militia wear uniforms similar to the Arrow Cross, Hungary’s fascist wartime party who were installed by the Nazis and responsible for the escalation of the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz towards the end of the war. Do you agree with the BNP forming an alliance with this group in the European Parliament?

5. Nick Griffin has shared a platform with Abu Hamza, better known as Captain Hook. Abu Hamza is currently in jail for incitement to murder and racial hatred. Is he somebody you feel the BNP should be associated with?

6. In 1986 Nick Griffin led a fundraising trip to Libya as guests of Colonel Gaddafi's regime. This was at a time when Gaddafi was providing weapons to the IRA. Do you think it was right to ask Colonel Gaddafi to fund the BNP?

7. Nick Griffin also tried to meet Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. Do you feel this was an appropriate association?

8. In 2006 years ago Griffin visited the United States for his meeting with David Duke, leader of the Ku Klux Klan. The next year he was back in the US for a speaking tour organised by Preston Wiginton, who raised donations for Griffin on the Stormfront Nazi website. Do you support the BNP links to the Ku Klux Klan?

9. In November 2007 he went to Russia and was photographed by crowds giving Nazi salutes. Are you embarrassed by this?

10. Sir Oswald Mosley was a friend of Adolf Hitler and the wartime leader of the British Union of Fascists, a Nazi sympathising party. Nick Griffin has proudly said: “There is a strong, direct link from Oswald Mosley to me.” Is this a link the BNP should be proud of?

11. The BNP's founder John Tyndall used to be photographed in Nazi uniform. He was on record as saying: "Mein Kampf is my bible." Are you embarrassed by this?

12. Nick Griffin denies the existence of Nazi death camps and has written that he has "reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lies, and latter day witch-hysteria." Do you also deny the holocaust took place?

13. The BNP has endorsed the openly neo-Nazi German group the National Democratic Party. Nick Griffin addressed a rally of this group in 2002. Do you agree with endorsing the NDP?

14. Do you believe a political party should use violence to promote its aims? Nick Griffin has written in The Rune in praise of the BNP's "ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with
well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate.” Do you agree?

15. Do you agree with the BNP's socialist economic programme of nationalisation and state control including land nationalisation, housing nationalisation, renationalisation of utility companies, import controls and breaking up the supermarkets?

16. Do you agree with the BNP's policy of Britain withdrawing from NATO?

Most of them didn't reply. Cllr Bailey from Barking and Dagenham said he would decline to take part because a round robin email was "bad manners." His colleague Cllr Rustem said: "P*** off!" Cllr Beverley from Leeds agreed to respond by Monday but didn't do so. Cllr Bates from Calderdale asked: "What has any of this got to do with you?" Although he didn't answer any of the questions he expressed concerns that under the Conservatives "public utilities were sold off and are now in the hands of foreigners" while "the current Conservative leadership is full of privately educated buffoons." (Perhaps I should have included a question about whether they agree with Hitler's policy of outlawing independent schools.)

Only one councillor answered the questions. Cllr Graham Partner from North West Lesicestershire. I reproduce his answers in full below. He does distance himself from the Party leadership in various respects. But his replied are revealing in showing the essential phoney nature of the BNP's patriotism. Most patriotic people would have no difficulty in saying that they support the monarchy, or that Gaddafi supplying arms to the IRA made him an enemy of Britain or that the sovereignty of Gibraltar is ot a matter for neogotiatyion or that they were pleased that we won the war. These are not matters for true patriots to equivocate over. But at least Cllr Partner responded. I hink that the other 55 should be held similarly to account.  By residents in their wards, by other councillors, by the local press. If they agree with the neo-Nazis stance of their party leadership let them make this clear. If they do not then they should resign their membership.

Anyway Cllr Partner's response was as follows:

1.  Winston Churchill was a great wartime leader and an aristocratic bully.  His treatment of the miners, particularly in South Wales was unacceptable by today's standards although with the way the Police have been politicised by the current Marxist regime, I doubt anything much different would occur now. I prefer the wartime leader to the less endearing Prime Minister who changed parties, so in my mind he is a hero.  History is written by the victors and for me, who was brought up just after the war, and fed a weekly diet of The Victor comic, the Germans were the bad guys.  I don't know if I'm right or not, I only know what I believe as, some lying toad  once said not long ago.

Whether or not the war was pointless is easy to say 60 years on when we are all members of a European Empire run by the Germans and French. At the time Britain had a great empire to defend and was right to do so. It was our means to wealth and power which we sadly no longer have as a direct result of the war and American ambition. I can't speak for him if that's what he believes. He is younger than me and I think in the past he has sometimes tried to be controversial for the sake of it.

2. The Green Arrow is a private individual with his own opinion which he is entitled to have, right or wrong.  The Queen has presided, if that's the right word, over the the entire process of Britain
joining the EU, from Edward Heath's blatant lies to Brown's treacherous signing of the Lisbon Treaty. I don't believe she had any real power to block the process since the elected Governments make the decisions and she merely goes through the motions as Head of State. The people are sovereign not the Queen.  She is the people's representative and can't be held responsible for the treason committed by those who signed away our sovereignty to Europe.  Blair was conscious of this when he repealed the death sentence for treason. I don't know what the Queen has said that is reportedly a lie.  She doesn't usually concern herself with politics. I think the Queen is of German heritage through Victoria and Albert. The surname was changed to sound British. Talk of wiping people out is again silly bar room banter from a controversy seeker.

3. Gibraltar is British as a result of military action not its ethnic make up. The population is overwhelmingly in favour of remaining British and until that changes I would defend that position.  It is not negotiable without the consensus of the people. The Union Flag is predominantly flown all over Gibraltar without shame, unlike here in Britain where we are often told it is racist. If I was asked which I prefer, should we ever give it up, a Spanish or Islamic Government to rule, I would say Spanish because it is a tolerant westernised nation with values compatible with my own, whereas Islamic nations tend to be harsh, intolerant and discriminatory to females, although not in all case.

4. Forming an alliance with any party in the EU doesn't mean you have to agree with their ideology.  It is about having a group in order to qualify for extra funds.

Having said that I don't know anything about Jobbik other than what I've seen in the media and I would hardly trust anything they say since they have their own agenda.

I'm not that interested in foreign political parties or 1930s shirts. I know what I believe and that has changed over the years so there is no reason why other people can't do the same.

Deporting Jews to Auschwitz was an act of evil by whoever was responsible and I'd like to think I would have the courage to oppose that if I had to although that is easy to say when there are no trains running.

5. Abu Hamza was allowed to preach his message of hate for years by the British Government and at the same time live a comfortable life on benefits at the tax payer's expense.  His views found a lot of sympathy amongst the Islamic community. I don't know the circumstances of the platform sharing with Griffin or when it took place so I can't give a definite answer to that question. To me freedom of speech is a vital element in this country which has been eroded by left wing, PC obsessed Marxists.  As long as the speaker doesn't target individuals or specific groups I don't have any objection to anyone's opinions.  The best way to defeat an argument is to confront it not silence it.  Hamza is a fundamentalist who wants a holy war against the west, but he has his reasons for saying that. I would suggest he believes he is right whether I like it or not and I'd like to know why.  The Middle East is a very complex problem which I can't solve and no one else can until the Palestinians have their lands back and the Jews have their safe country.  There are too many outside interests to ever agree on a settlement and while that continues the likes of Hamza will continue to exist.

6. That was 24 years ago when I was still a stupid socialist and he was a young man in his twenties.  I don't think it was right but I suspect looking back neither does he. The IRA are/were terrorists by definition in that they targeted civilians as well as the military and Gaddafi was happy to fund them. Tony Blair surrendered to them shortly after coming to power at a time when they had been virtually beaten under Thatcher.  Politicians are full of deceitful actions that are often disguised as something else. I don't class myself as one of them and don't condone any such activities by any politician.

7. I have no idea why he would want to meet Khomeini. Was he in power at the time or still living in Paris?

8. I do not support our government's links with Saudi Arabia, sponsors of worldwide Islamic terrorism or our left winger's support of Fidel Castro.  I wish we didn't trade with communist China, a brutal regime to say the least, or sell arms to Indonesia.  I wish we hadn't stabbed the Karen people in the back and ignored their plight, yet continued to be friendly to Burma and I wish we had a government with backbone but we haven't so no I don't approve of links with them either.

9.  I don't know about the Russia trip but if he was doing that in a public place he must be a brave man.  The Russians lost more people than anyone fighting the Nazis and we let them down by not opening a second front to relieve them at Stalingrad when they asked for help. That's why they built the Iron Curtain, because they couldn't trust Churchill or the West again.

10.  I'm not sure they should be proud of it but don't forget Mosley was a close friend of Churchill and was given a private house with a garden and servants during his prison sentence. I think there is a difference between Fascism and the Nazis in that Fascism doesn't automatically mean beligerence. There are many countries run along Fascist economic models which prosper from it and the line between that and Communism is not so clear.  Anyone who doesn't like another's powers often labels them Fascist as with The EU for instance, which could easily described as Communist too.

11.   I'm not embarrassed because I haven't read it and don't know what it says.  I believe it is a diary written by Hitler when he was in prison.  I might read it one day just out of curiosity but I have
more important things to do right now.  I would rather read about Edward lll any day of the week. Prince Harry was photographed in a Nazi uniform and vilified for it by Guardian types. I'm comfortable with him wearing one for fancy dress, not for any other reason though. Tyndall was long before my time so I don't know what he was doing but I don't like it.

12. Definately not. I joined the BNP five years ago because I considered the Labour Party to have betrayed our pensioners, our school children and our armed forces amongst a list of other things. They are happy to prop up foreign dictators and send aid to countries that hate us but leave our people to die of cold, teach toddlers sex in overcrowded classrooms run by Marxist halfwits that can't spell and send our troops to war, rightly or wrongly, with sub standard equipment.  The Tories waged a campaign of revenge on the miners here where I live shutting the mines out of spite and I don't forgive, them are no better and the Lib Dems just a bunch of useless !!!!!!. I joined to BNP to oppose you not preach wartime facts to conspiracy theorists.

13.  I don't know enough about the NDP.  You say they are Neo Nazi, I only know they are Nationalists.  To me there is a difference.  I don't agree with multi culturalism but I don't have a vision of an all white Britain either.  The left have tried to destroy the national identity of our country by mass immigration and promotion of every other ethnic group they can use for that aim.  We used to be a cohesive nation of gentle, tolerant folk but now we are a mass of conflicting cultures with nothing in common.  Were we asked if that's what we wanted? No.

14.  Violence is used against us all the time by anti fascists, union extremists and anarchists who have no respect for the electoral process or for law and order.  Their methods are justified by their
belief that we are violent when we are not.  Cameron is shamefully on a list of high profile figures who back these groups in their campaigns. I've never seen a copy of The Rune but I think he used to write in it back in the eighties when his testosterone levels were higher and no I don't agree with that statement.

15. I agree with some bits of it and to some extent.  I do think we should have kept our utilities in British hands.  The French don't allow foreign ownership of theirs yet they are happy to buy ours.  I
don't believe we should nationalise land. I do believe we should have some import controls to protect British industry.  China is not a friendly country that we should supporting economically.

16. I would not recommend withdrawing from Nato now. We have been left very weak by successive defence cut by both Labour and Tory governments and I doubt we could even retake the Falklands again if the situation arose.



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