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Town hall fat cats are getting fatter

15553660 This morning's Express has some extraordinary stories of out-of-control town hall pay:

  1. "Stoke-on-Trent City Council is offering its next chief executive a salary of £195,000 – £40,000 more than its previous boss and a 20 per cent pay hike while planning a 2.89 per cent rise in council tax this year.
  2. Susan Law, Wokingham Borough Council’s chief executive, was paid £157,000 a year in 2008/9. Two years ago, its chief executive was paid £132,534 – a 17 per cent increase. Meanwhile, Wokingham is planning to cut 150 jobs and save £9.5million over three years while pushing up council tax by 1.9 per cent.
  3. Andrea Hill, chief executive of Suffolk County Council, earns £220,000 a year, 18 per cent more than the £187,003 paid to her predecessor in 2007/8, while the council prepares a 2.4 per cent tax rise.
  4. And Kingston-upon-Hull pays its chief executive Kim Ryley £213,162 compared to £188,584 in 2007/8 – a 13 per cent increase. It has also emerged that council bosses are refusing to accept wage freezes to match the hardships of householders hit by rising council tax bills."

Tory MP Philip Davies is quoted attacking the pay rises:

“Council chief executives are already paid too much. In these times it is simply unacceptable to increase their pay.”

If elected, the Tories plan a "purge" of town hall excess.

Tim Montgomerie


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