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Tory councillors' immigration leaflet is disowned by local MP

FrontAndrew Rosindell MP has disowned a leaflet on immigration that has been distributed by Tory councillors within his Romford constituency.

The leaflet, notes The Observer, "suggests that the Tories would impose new transitional controls on the right of nationals of the new EU member states to work in the UK." The newspaper continues: "Such controls already exist for Bulgaria and Romania, but retrospective limits on other eastern European states, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, would be illegal under EU law."

Mr Rosindell issued a statement disowning the leaflet:

"I did not write or approve this councillors' flyer. Immigration is an important issue but, as David Cameron has made clear, we must be careful with both the facts and the language we use. This flyer falls short on both counts, and I shall be pointing that out to the councillors."

Download PDFs of the front and back of the leaflet.

A ConservativeHome survey of over two thousand Tory members found 84% wanting immigration to be a top Tory pledge.

Tim Montgomerie


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