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Ealing, Harrow and Staffordshire Moorlands all planning Council Tax freeze

The list of Conservative Councils freezing or cutting Council Tax this year is already much longer than ever before - with many councils still declare their budgets. The following three councils are freezing their Council Tax and can be added to the list:

  • Ealing are freezing the Council Tax after already providing a "£50. Value for Money cash back" rebate before Christmas. But they have also found funding of £689,700  for "drive through and fix" crews to deal with potholes caused by the recent snow.
  • Harrow are freezing the Council Tax as well as adopting radical initiatives for the coming year such as signing up 2,000 residents to be Neighbourhood Champions to keep an eye on their streets, providing electric car charging points in the heart of Harrow and helping onto the property ladder with 219 new homes for affordable home ownership. They have also been some pioneering work on personalised, individual budgets for care recipients. This has been welcomed by those recipients who have more choice and responsibility and is also more efficient by saving on bureaucracy.
  • Staffordshire Moorlands District Council are freezing the Council Tax after a partnership deal with High Peak District Council contributed to £1 million of efficiency savings. Cllr Gill Heath, the portfolio holder for finance and resources says:

"We had originally planned for a 1.9 per cent increase this year but have been able to exceed our efficiency target, which has allowed us to deliver the Council Tax freeze for 2010/11.


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